Wednesday, September 30, 2009


A shoutout to all our loyal fans, there's new content coming up soon!

All of us have been pretty busy recently, buried under piles of work, but we're coming back soon to bring you more good food from the sunny island of Singapore!

In time to come, I'll be doing a special feature on Indonesian food too, so look out for it! In fact, I'll be based in Indonesia from November onwards, so I'll still continue to bring you good food - from our neighbouring country down south.

Stay tuned!


Monday, June 22, 2009

Thai Express @ Tiong Bahru Plaza

Crayfish: Oversized Prawn or Undersized Lobster?

Dear loyal readers of thehumblegourmet, its been a month or so since the last post of mouth-watering Singaporean Gourmet food due to preparations for our exams and such, so we're glad to be back!

This time round, Jeremy takes you on a trip to Thai Express to try some of the food served in one of, if not the most, known Thai restaurant chains here in Sunny Singapore!

Upon entering the half-empty (or half-full for you optimistic people) restaurant during lunch time, we were immediately greeted by polite staff who immediately led us to our seats.

Disclaimer: Please excuse the colour and quality of the photos, these were taken under severely bad lighting conditions within Thai Express (Orange Spotlights) and taken with my 2.0MP iPhone camera.

Black Pepper Claypot Crayfish with Tang Hoon. This one was a little on the spicy side, with the black pepper served in generous proportions. Felt that the taste of the black pepper masked everything else. Only for fans of black pepper dishes. $13.90

Yellow Ginger Chicken Rice - Featured in the newspapers not too long ago, this dish boasts of being REALLY SPICY!! Waiter even served the dish and said "Good Luck!" to my colleague! *Note from thehumblegourmet - Not for the faint-hearted! $9.90

Tom Yum Soup with Stick Noodles

Soft Shell Crab - This dish was light and fluffy, and tasted somewhat different from the way the Japanese make it. $7.90

Lemon Chicken Drumlets This dish comes free with every $30 minimum spend and if you're paying with DBS/POSB Cards.

On the whole, Thai Express is for people who love Thai-style spicy cuisine and don't mind getting their tastebuds burnt!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Shin Kushiya

Located in a corner of Vivocity nearby the GV Cinema, Shin Kushiya caught my eye and I decided to give this Jap restaurant a try.

Shin Kushiya

Sashimi Moriawase... consisting of Maguro, Salmon, Mekajiki, Hamachi and Amaebi. $22.

Onsen Tamago - loosely translated as "Hot Spring Egg". This one is a soft boiled egg served in a cup of soba sauce topped with spring onions! Didn't really get to taste the yolk of the egg here as the soba sauce and spring onions covered the taste of the egg.

Agedashi Tofu - topped with yummy seaweed strips!

Buta Mentai Kushiyaki - Pork-on-a-stick, topped with spicy fish roe! The pork was served on a stick in neat rectangular slices, alternating between lean meat and some fats. The Mentaiko here, unfortunately, didn't taste like what you normally find in most restaurants. $3.20 per stick

Shishamo! Usual, nothing out of the ordinary here. $1.90 per pc.

Soft shell Crab! this one tasted crispy on the outside and squishy on the inside.

Niku Nabe (Meat Hotpot) - This one tasted quite ok, full of ingredients such as meat slices, mushrooms and other interesting stuff.

Mentaiko Spaghetti - This one was a disappointment for me as the mentaiko did not taste like it normally would in other restaurants. Or maybe it was just a different type that I wasn't used to.

And how else to top off a very satisfying meal - a scoop of nice Haagen-Dazs ice cream! =D

Overall the service was very polite and prompt, but the food was pretty ok-lah standard. Nothing special to shout about, but to their credit, they carried quite a wide range of Jap food for you to choose from. Not exactly cheap either.

I spent about $46 per person.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mr Prata @ Evans Road

Had lunch today at Mr Prata's at Evans Road today, just located at Evans Lodge right opposite the Co-Curricular Activities Center of the Ministry of Education.

This is one of the few 24/7 makan places offering a whole wide range of south indian cuisine such as Roti Prata, Murtabak and the like.

Prices are dirt cheap here, as you can find with most Prata Establishments, and there is a cashcard parking at Evans Lodge for those of you who drive ($1.07 per hour).

Teh Tarik! Perennial Favourite. =)

Beehoon Goreng. Our special guest Gerri ordered this and had these comments: "I liked the texture of the beehoon - not too dry, not too wet, but it could have been better if the egg yolk could have been kept intact..."

My 2 + 1! 2 Cheese Pratas + 1 Plain Prata... good stuff. But the standard of the cheese prata here seems to have dropped somehow. Didn't taste as good as I remembered it. But as with 24-hr prata cafes, 'probably a different cook' comes to mind.

Mushroom Murtabak!

This dish was introduced by Gerri. It's called Chicken 65, and it is actually chicken bits marinated in some indian spices and topped with some leaves and onion peels. Good Stuff! thehumblegourmet's MUST TRY!!! dish of the week.

I spent about $7 per person.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Buffet Greatness @ Kuishin-Bo!

Great food, fresh sashimi, great price, what else can I say? Haven't enjoyed myself so much in a long time.

Located in the heart of Great World City, I had been eyeing this restaurant even before it started opening its doors to do business sometime late last year.

Front View of Kuishin-Bo...

A pic of the sweets and desserts section. Wide range of Chocolates and other sweet items such as mochi here.

For those who are not big fans of Japanese food, standard fare such as fried rice is also available here. =)

Cha Soba! I expected this to be bland and the usual "offered as a dish only because other buffets have it" kind of dish served in a single serving, I was pleasantly surprised that it was quite tasteful~! The noodles were just the right texture and the addition of seaweed, sesame seeds, a dash of chilli powder and some spring onions on top, provided a burst of flavour in my mouth. =) MUST TRY!

Seafood and Sashimi! They offered seafood such as Crawfish, Fresh Prawns, White Clams and Mussels. For Sashimi, they had 4 types: Sake (Salmon), Maguro (Tuna), Kajiki (Swordfish) and Tai (Sea Bream).

The Fried Items Section! Soft Shell Crab, Takoyaki, Tonkatsu on a stick, Scallop with cream topping, Ebi Tempura and Breaded Fish... Abit on the oily side but still yummy. =)

Sweet Treats!~ Konnyaku Jelly, Chocolates, Cake, Marshmellows dipped in Chocolate Fondue, Chocolate Mousse and Mango Pudding! What more can I say?

Sizzling Goodness! Hotplate Tofu~~

Overall, service was good, and the lunch was pretty filling. Lunch will set you back $28.90 per adult, but if you can finish your food within the hour, you only need to pay the promotional price of $20.90. A steal for those who can eat quickly, if you ask me.